Our last resident was, Zeyn Joukhadar!

Zeyn hosted writing workshops and zine making activities around the concept of home. We hosted events in our home in Hamra, and on Friday Jan 18th we will went to Burj Al Barajne where some Friends of the House live. Hospitality is sometimes about going over before asking people to come over.

Have you wanted to visit Lebanon and get deep into the realities of life here? Our home is open for self funded residencies, if you can make it to Beirut, we’d love to host you and help you connect with some of the amazing and challenging things going on in our beautiful and complex city. We are fundraising to be able to sponsor future residents to the home, and we’re sorry to not be able to offer that to you yet. Please reach out on our facebook page if you’re interested in joining us on our mission to live across difference.

Personally (as Bilal) I am open to architects, artists, engineers, humans of all types who are willing to look with a generous eye and heart at our home and to use their time here to further their own projects as well as leaving something behind for the community. This can be done through:

  • Workshops
  • Murals
  • Concerts
  • Building infrastructure for the house
  • Community engagement projects
  • Weekly public dinners
  • #your-imagination-goes-wild-here

Our previous residents include:

  • Mohammed Abul Haija (Rapper)

Above: Josephine hosting a workshop co-designing ways the house can mutually support our needs.

We want to take a moment here to thank our sponsors prototank.com and Dana Karoush for making our residencies possible!