Beit Al Atlas started as an attempt to create a self sustaining ecosystem relying on house fees to be able to support itself. As we’ve developed we’ve realized that in order to truly connect across difference in a world of financial inequality we would need to take sponsorships to support a few items:

  • Basic house infrastructure which requires an initial investment.
  • Paying for transportation and opportunity costs that less privileged friends of house need to be able to attend events.
  • Hosting residents free of charge in the residency room.
  • [Funding contingent] Flights and potential stipends for residents exploring their craft and sharing their gifts across difference.

Our Sponsors!

We want to thank our sponsors for making our first residency possible!


# Dana Karoush

Sponsor Us!

If you’re inspired by the work happening here and would like to sponsor our activities exploring novel community living arrangements responding to inequality please head over to the Faraway Project’s site to send us a tax deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor!