The flow of Yoga, the flow of your mind – led by Elyssa Skaff.

For those who are not familiar with Yoga, this may sound like a hobby for dedicated vegan hippies flexing your limbs to every direction which you can’t even think of. At least, this is what I thought before I start practicing Yoga.

Yoga has various forms, or disciplines, and the intensity and the quality of the physical workload vary a great deal. Some are more challenging than others but everyone starts from somewhere, and there is always a master you can follow if you a still new to this journey.

On a sunny Tuesday evening at Beit Al Atlas, qualified Yoga teacher Elyssa Skaff leads a session of Vinyasa Yoga, a form that emphasizes sequence of movements from one posture to another, while fully aware of your breathing.

Sweat seems a mandatory for anything you do during summer in Beirut, and this is no exception here. Repeated series of poses are meant to increase your body heat, and sweating out the toxins which you may have in your body and/or mind, is the reward of the practice. You only have to experience how you feel, the sense of cleanse you recognize after the session makes it worth the effort.

Elyssa led the practice with easy-to-follow explanation and pace, accompanied by the soothing music which made the up-stair hall of Beit Al Atlas something of a wonder space.

The house will host this Yoga evening regularly, followed by tea and vegan dinner social. Anyone who would like to start your own Yoga experience, or experienced Yogi are more than welcome. Come and join us Yoga evening at Beit Al Atlas, you wont regret it.

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